Xpeng Opens Up New Smart EV Factory

Xpeng Opens Up New Smart EV Factory

GUANGZHOU, China–()– Xpeng Motors, a leading electric automobile and innovation company, today reveals a special inside view into its self-built wholly-owned factory in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province.

The Zhaoqing Xpeng Motors Intelligent Industrial Park, birthplace of the super-long range sports sedan Xpeng P7, was constructed over a duration of 15 months. On May 19, 2020 the factory got the official production license from China’s Ministry of Market and Information Technology.

Find the photos and videos exposing the interior of the factory here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RzxP_eVWDWwVdnfaYTt01 G7hn3F-ZZeS? usp= sharing

” We are deeply proud of our achievement as a young company, in developing our own wholly-owned smart manufacture base at Zhaoqing,” said He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of Xpeng Motors.

” Xpeng is now the only brand-new wise EV maker in China that has both self-owned and contracted plants. We are a company follower that production is the foundation of smart cars. Only when you construct strong powertrain and lorry hardware, can you distinguish with data operation, autonomous driving and connectivity software application,” He added.

” This not just provides us optimal insight into and control over our production process, it likewise shows our abilities in effectively handling our supply chain and carrying out major tasks. This is a fantastic base for future development in intelligent vehicle style and manufacture,” He concluded.

Spanning an organized area of 3,000 acres (2 million square metres), it has 5 cutting-edge workshops including marking, welding, painting, final assembly, and battery pack production.

The factory is run by a 600- member expert team. 74%of the engineers are with 5 year working experience with 78%joined from leading OEMs.

Stamping Workshop

The stamping workshop is 100%automated. Steel plates are stamped and formed on the 6,600- ton large CNC (computer system numerical control) automated stamping assembly line, delivering as numerous as 12 pieces per minute, greater than the 10%market average, with a precision variety as narrow as 0.1 millimeter.

Equipped with an industry-leading information system, the production procedure is extremely open and transparent, with real-time tracking of processing criteria to guarantee high quality consistency.

Welding Workshop

The Zhaoqing welding workshop is geared up with 210 ABB industrial robotics, carefully performing multiple processes including gluing, welding and aluminum plate fascinating. Tier-1 and Tier-2 final assemblies reach a 100%automation rate, with the capability to manufacture steel-aluminum hybrid automobile bodies.

The factory’s self-adaptive medium frequency welding device achieves 30%energy saving, while the advanced visual gluing system yields gluing accuracy as great as 0.5 millimeter.

Painting Workshop

Sophisticated styling needs exceptional painting techniques. The Zhaoqing factory’s thin film pretreatment and cathode electrophoretic technology effectively lowers wastewater discharge, while slag yield is likewise cut down by 94%, minimizing energy consumption by around 25%, and accomplishing no emission of heavy metal pollutants.

The painting workshop embraces world-class BASF high-throwing-power covering material, with B1B2 2 K water-based varnish double-layer painting innovation, substantially improving paint quality while securing the environment too.

Assembly Workshop

Thanks to an automatic material supply and circulation system, AGV innovation, automatic gluing robots and assembly technology, all parts are efficiently and carefully put together in the Zhaoqing factory.

All the essential torque joints of CBUs (Total Built Up) are checked online through an effective digital production system, guaranteeing 100%quality control of all essential torque joints of the accumulation.

Battery Pack Workshop

The pack workshop utilizes an AGV flexible production line, integrating high-precision visual systems and robotics to perform intelligent operations. The smart end-of-line testing system performs thorough testing– including 198 offline tests and 89 battery efficiency tests – for each battery pack, including insulation, SOC efficiency and BMS function to guarantee that every battery pack fulfills the industry-leading IP68 sealing defense requirements.

The Xpeng P7 will go through 18 vigorous quality control procedures. Each car will likewise go through over 1,700 vibrant and static tests, and 18 simulated road condition tests for control, braking, convenience, sealing, and abnormal noise to guarantee its quality.

Zhaoqing Xpeng Motors Intelligent Industrial Park– At a Look

  • Total organized area: 3,000 acres (2 million square metres).
  • Lorry production centers area: 1,500 acres (1 million square metres).
  • Stage 1 building: 900 acres (600,000 square metres).
  • Foundation-laying: December2017
  • Building completion: September2019
  • MIIT production license: received on 19 May2020
  • Market 4.0 standards.
  • Five workshops.
  • 264 intelligent industrial robots.

For more P7 videos and images please visit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mjds6n51 HszTF5YhDcbaViucSwLjeiio

About XPENG Motors

Xpeng Motors is a leading Chinese electric car business that creates and produces autos that are seamlessly integrated with the Web and utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The business’s initial backers include its Chairman & CEO, He Xiaopeng, who’s likewise the co-founder of UCWeb Inc. and a former Alibaba executive. Developed in 2014, Xpeng Motors has a senior management group with varied backgrounds, consisting of Co-founders Henry Xia and He Tao, both former senior executives at Guangzhou Car with knowledge in innovative vehicle innovation and R&D, and Vice Chairman & President Brian Gu, former Chairman of Asia Pacific Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan. It has gotten funding from tactical financiers Alibaba Group and Xiaomi Corporation, in addition to other prominent Chinese and global investors consisting of IDG Capital, Morningside Venture Capital, GGV Capital and Primavera Capital. The company introduced its first production model, the G3 SUV, in Dec 2018, and will introduce its 2nd production design, the P7 electric sports sedan, in April 2020 with deliveries to Chinese clients in Q22020 Xpeng Motors is headquartered in Guangzhou, China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and San Diego in the U.S. and manufacture centers in Zhengzhou and Zhaoqing. For more information, please visit the official website: https://en.xiaopeng.com/

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