Tech Q&A: Zoom, google options and totally free background checks

Tech Q&A: Zoom, google options and totally free background checks

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Every week, I receive lots of questions from my listeners about tech issues, new products, and all things digital.

In some cases, selecting the most fascinating questions to highlight is the very best part of my job. This week, I received questions about Zoom techniques, personal browsing, turning handwritten notes into text documents, and more.

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Video Call Faux Pas

Q: I have actually heard horror stories of people going to the restroom and having secret discussions after a video call is over, but they are still being tape-recorded. How do I know for sure that both my video camera and microphone are off?

A: The battle is genuine, especially now that individuals have mainly changed face-to-face interactions with video calls and remote conferences. An onboard microphone is created to get basically everything, and it isn’t discriminating about the noises that might humiliate you. When it comes to your web cam, there’s that adage that “the camera doesn’t lie,” which can be a real liability if you forget that it’s on.

For lots of interaction platforms, all you have to do is master the “mute” button. Your best choice, however, is to switch these gadgets completely off. This might seem like an extra task, however at the end of the day, most of us do not require them running anyhow.

Tap or click here for the steps to make certain both your cam and microphone are off.

Google Alternatives

Q: Is there a search site that does not track you like Google? I also don’t want to utilize Chrome for the very same factor.

A: Google is notorious for collecting data on its users in numerous various methods.

You can use DuckDuckGo for searching the web; the website will not track you. Rather of Chrome, there’s Firefox. And there are Google-less alternatives for mail, maps and more too.

Tap or click here for several Google alternatives that will not track you.

Zoom Tips

Q: I am brand-new to utilizing Zoom. Any techniques to help me out?

A: Millions of people had never heard of Zoom before the quarantine and are now frequently using it.

If you choose to experiment, you’ll discover that Zoom provides some excellent modification. A popular example: The ability to alter your background, so you don’t have to reveal the inside of your real home, or you can picture that you’re somewhere unique and fun. The Zoom designers know what people want (take a look at “enter calmly”), so the more comfy you get with the platform, the easier these techniques will be. Check them out in an empty meeting room if you’re stressed over doing something silly in front of coworkers.

Tap or click here for 5 Zoom tricks you need to know.

Digitize Notes

Q: I keep organized by making myself to-do lists. Can these notes be become text?

A: This is a godsend for those of us who still like to put pen to paper. Legal pads are still popular, and you’ll discover folks who like their hardback diaries and handwritten letters. Such files can disappear easily, and there’s no cloud service for a lost Moleskine.

You may also discover that thoroughly jotted notes from a meeting can get tedious to return to into a Word file to share with colleagues.

Tap or click here for a simple way to turn handwritten notes into typed text.

Veterinarian Yourself

Q: I lost my job like everybody else.

A: The most convenient method to look at yourself is to run a search in a web internet browser, however a truly discerning hiring supervisor might do a more thorough background check. You want to make sure that your social media accounts are clean. Make certain there are no suspicious pictures or contentious posts.

Now, you won’t be able to remove the criminal offense.

Tap or click here for the websites and steps to run a totally free background check.

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