Tech Q&A: Home-based jobs, phone health and COVID-19 conspiracies

Tech Q&A: Home-based jobs, phone health and COVID-19 conspiracies

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Weekly, I get tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, brand-new items, and all things digital.

Often, selecting the most fascinating questions to highlight is the very best part of my job. Today, I received questions about the brand-new iPhone, keeping gadgets tidy, finding infections, and more.

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COVID Conspiracies

Q: I read on Facebook that 5G antennas spread out the coronavirus. This is frightening!

A: This would be frightening– if there were an ounce of truth to it.

I do not blame people for leaping to conclusions; after all, these are extremely unusual times, and conspiracy theorists can be very convincing.

Tap or click here to get the realities about the 5G coronavirus connection.

Sterilize Your Phone

Q: What is the most safe best method to clean a mobile phone? I read it has more germs than a toilet seat! Gross!

A: Smart devices are magnets for germs, even under the very best scenarios. Regular cleaning can significantly reduce your possibilities of getting sick. You can utilize a series of antibacterial wipes, but a more modern technique is an ultraviolet phone cleaner. This gadget is particularly designed to decontaminate your phone and depending on the design you purchase, it might be able to charge your battery.

UV rays might sound a little theoretical, however they are a few of the most effective weapons against accumulated germs on the surface of your gadget. The CDC has actually authorized this technique, and numerous users have turned to UV technology considering that the pandemic took hold.

Tap or click here for UV phone cleaners that work.

iPhone SE Details

Q: Is Apple’s new iPhone $399 iPhone worth the cash? How can this one be so low-cost compared to the $1,000 designs?

A: Countless people hurried to buy the iPhone X, but millions of others balked at its huge price tag. The Apple SE accommodates those budget-conscious customers who want remarkable technology but aren’t going to pay out the huge bucks. Is it worth it?

The SE is a pretty great deal. It has a wonderful processor, an expert electronic camera with picture mode, and a Retina screen. The phone is smaller than its predecessors, and you do not get certain functions, such as face acknowledgment or night mode for the video camera. If you have been believing of upgrading anyhow, it’s a take compared to other Apple items, which can typically cost as much as a new MacBook.

Tap or click here to see more iPhone SE specs.

WFH Task Market

Q: I require to discover a task. I searched online, and all I found were scams.

A: There’s a special place in hell for scammers who take advantage of a pandemic to fool individuals out of their cash.

If you read this column frequently, you might be thrilled to understand that numerous of these employers are tech business.

Tap or click here for a list of 40 business hiring WFH workers right now.

Free Infection Scans

Q: My computer is running slowly. How can I check to see if it has malware or a virus?

A: The worst malware is the kind you don’t even recognize is contaminating your computer. Malware is frequently created to avert notification, and the only symptoms are– as you say– slower operations or other uncommon habits. How can you make certain that there’s an infection, and just how much will it cost to discover?

You can still purchase extraordinary software, such as Norton Anti-virus, which has actually led the market for decades. You can likewise discover extremely efficient infection scans for totally free.

Tap or click here free of charge virus scans for Mac or Windows.

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