The 3D artist on the unanticipated path he took to collaborating with Supreme, Dior and more.


It’s easy to invest hours scrolling through the IG page of Frederic Duquette, aka FVCKRENDER From 3D loops of alien subjects to undulating forms influenced by architectural geometry, the Montreal-based digital artist’s trippy virtual words are easy to get lost in. Duquette is entirely self-taught. He left of high school when he was 17 years of ages and discovered how to use the wide variety of tools discovered within Cinema 4D software application— declared as the industry standard for 3D modeling– to develop futuristic landscapes, crystalline arrangements and all sorts of hallucinatory renderings.

In 2016, Duquette sustained extreme injuries from a bike accident that resulted in losing all sensation on the left side of his body. He couldn’t practice biking anymore, which had been a huge part of his way of life. Instead, he chose to stimulate his brain with 3D art work while working at a Montreal restaurant. He began carrying his computer system with him to work and before and after every shift would teach himself how to 3D model.

It’s only been four years since he started developing digital-based projects, but Duquette’s already built an immense portfolio of both individual and commission-based projects Given That 2016, the artist has challenged himself to develop a render every day and share it on his social media accounts. His work has actually developed throughout the years, attracting a variety of leading significant brand names and artists to commission him for partnerships, consisting of Dior, Lil Nas X, and more just recently Supreme that commissioned the artist for initial graphics to be included on the label’s 2020 Spring tees

For our most current Pen & Paper function, we overtook FVCKRENDER to discuss his digital art background, how his work has grown over the years, and what tasks he’s working on during quarantine.

Inform us about your background as a digital artist.

I don’t actually have any background or education in that field. One day I was working in a dining establishment and wanted to discover something various so I decided to learn 3D.

From alien-like subjects to geometric types, the visuals in your work are diverse. Where do you get motivation for these subjects?

To be honest, I have no concept. i just like to check out and I don’t like to stick with one concept and one theme. I like to reinvent myself everyday, so I think my motivation isn’t connected to a specific thing.

Any artists that you appreciate?

There’s a lot of artists that I admire. I’m surrounded by numerous talented pals like Victor Mosquera, my sweetheart BAEIGE, and Aeforia among others, however I do not like being influenced by other artists since I have the worry of doing comparable work as them. I guess it’s my way of respecting other artists.

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” Being a one guy studio is quite busy because sometimes people have motion picture level expectations.”

You likewise specialize in movement graphics and augmented truth. Inform us about your imaginative process. What are the most challenging aspects? What tools do you use?

Being a one guy studio is quite stressful because in some cases people have film level expectations, particularly with AR software application. Standard CGI like Movie theater 4D is really restricted in its abilities so it’s hard for a client to understand why the final outcome is not like the last Star Wars movie.

Of all your various digital-based work, which ones in particular do you delight in doing the most and why?

I think my everyday renders is what makes me the most delighted, since it’s simply me. Don’t get me incorrect, I enjoy business work, but personal work is what keeps me sane for sure.

You have actually been posting daily developments for over 4 years on Instagram. How has your work evolved?

A lot, I can’t even believe it. I never thought this sh t would get this huge especially where it’s at right now. I simply desire my work to be even larger and much better than what I’ve currently done. Seeing the possibility of enhancement just makes me realize how you can enhance anything in life with a small action at a time

” If getting more followers is the only thing that drives you to do something, that passion will burn in hell.”

You teamed up with a number of big name clients such as Dior, Lil Nas X, and many more for commissions. How do you choose which jobs you wish to take on?

That’s my greatest issue, I have a tough time saying no. For the previous few years, I have actually burnt myself so hard to be able to do all of the work that was can be found in. I learned from this and if I ever have that little feeling that I should not take it, I will not.

You just recently worked together with Supreme. Can you inform us how it happened? What was the collaboration process like?

This was a dope project. They hit me up on Instagram while I was on a journey to San Francisco for my girlfriend’s birthday. Initially I had to say no due to the fact that I didn’t have my equipment and I was going to be far from house for a while, however they pushed back the shipment date. In the end, I had the ability to make it happen with the assistance of a buddy of mine Seb who does ill album art in Montreal.

How are you coping with the COVID-19 pandemic? Has it affected your workflow?

Absolutely nothing has really changed much for me.

” Don’t follow other artists. Do not follow trends.”

Digital innovation and artistic expression are linked now especially. What are your thoughts on digital art today?

There are many digital artists and I’m extremely stired to see what the future of this market holds. There’s likewise so many rip offs and individuals that simply wish to do this shit to get fans which draws. Don’t get me wrong, all of us want that fan count to grow at some point. If getting more followers is the only thing that drives you to do something, that passion will burn in hell.

What is it like to be a digital artist in Montreal? Is there a growing neighborhood for this type of work there? Are you a part of any online communities?

To be truthful, it sucks hard, Montreal does not acknowledge digital art that much. They’re mainly overtaken illustration artists. My goal is to put digital art more on the map, but people are not as open as they are here compared to Los Angeles, Tokyo, New-York, etc. However, I feel like it’s going to get there eventually thanks to celebrations like Mural celebration, and LNDMRK who opened their eyes to digital art in Montreal.

What tasks are you presently working on?

Currently dealing with my VJ packs. I began to sell VJ packs on my Gumroad page so emerging artists can’t pay over $30,000 USD for a whole show production have the ability to get some of my older material for truly low-cost.