Millionaire’s Club Founder Seeks New Innovations & Technologies

Millionaire’s Club Founder Seeks New Innovations & Technologies

PORTLAND, Ore., May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Internet technology consultant and CEO of Advanced Online Technology (AOTSEO, Inc), Gene Anderson, announced today that their group of millionaire business leaders are seeking entrepreneurs with new ideas and inventions to meet the challenges of the fast changing world we live in.

Mr. Anderson believes that over the next few years, these changes will bring more opportunities for entrepreneurs than any other time in history. Today Gene stated the following. “When cultural changes are forced upon society due to circumstances beyond our control, new innovations and technologies become important and necessary for anyone to function in a healthy and prosperous way.”

Gene Anderson is the founder of (TMC). The Millionaires Club was created to serve as a communication hub for millionaire business leaders. CEO’s, C-level leaders, founders and others discuss current market trends, share personal stories and examine cutting edge startup opportunities. Members include; business moguls, financial experts, venture capital investors, angel investors, family offices, Internet technology founders, experts in software, hardware, green-tech, fintech, biotech, real estate, construction, manufacturing, retail, logistics, entertainment, hospitality, mining, and more. 

Mr. Anderson stated, “As our world changes so do our practical needs. We see this planet becoming a far different place very quickly, due to many things like environmental changes, health risk factors, geopolitical tensions, and more. Historically, humans adapt to such ‘changing tides’ through the innovative inventions they create to meet the demands of those changes.”

“For example, today’s increased ‘shut-in’ time of billions of people has created unprecedented social, physiological, psychological and economic challenges. ‘Game changers’ identify problems and then find the answers. Who in this generation has witnessed a time of more fear and social unrest than today? Therefore, now is the greatest time in history for entrepreneurs who can see into the future and anticipate what these coming calamities will look like. Today we are announcing an invitation to inventors, computer scientists and innovators to connect with us.”

Another point Mr. Anderson talked about today is the fact that fortune 100 corporations fear these entrepreneurs. “They are the ones who make the previous game changers extinct. Big brands make a point of grabbing all the promising new talent right out of the Universities, so anything these new inventors come up with is the property of their brand.”

TMC promotes entrepreneurs starting their own companies. “It’s better to become Mr. Big than work for him.” Gene is known for his controversial saying that he says he loves to debate with some of his billionaire friends. “I would rather help make a thousand millionaires than one billionaire. It’s obvious that a thousand millionaires will help more poor people, pay more taxes, spend more at small businesses, than any one billionaire, who usually lives in ridiculous excess.”

Gene believes that all people are equally valuable, important and potential game changers.

He says, “Anyone, regardless of age, religion, educational status, sex, or whatever, could have within them an idea or innovation that no one else has ever thought of before. There are people who love to sit around all day and complain of the changing times and there are those who spend their time inventing things that make life better. There will be financial winners and losers in the days ahead, but history teaches that entrepreneurs like Edison, Ford, Firestone, Morgan and others, saw into the future and executed actions upon those visions. TMC invites anyone with a startup or idea they would like to pitch to a group of millionaires to check out‘s ‘Rising Stars’ program.

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