How It Works

The program’s structure is well defined and your computer is always well-protected against adware and spyware threats.

Using the active monitoring support the software provides, you can now safely relax while the program scans automatically for running adware/spyware in real-time on your computer. If found, you can customize the software to automatically terminate such software activity.

When scanning your computer, the software first scans your system files (or, if you choose to do a complete system scan, all your files, including system files). After processing these, the software will scan the system registry for known adware/spyware activity (from our active database of over 60000), such as IE toolbars, Kazaa adware, etc.

Each entry found is reported in the final report the software generates. Once you see this screen, you may choose to remove the entries found or to cancel the scan (although it is not recommended).