How COVID-19 has actually continued to impact Digital Media Usage in APAC– March 2020

How COVID-19 has actually continued to impact Digital Media Usage in APAC– March 2020

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The exponential spread of COVID-19 has continued to create unique interruption and set off modifications in consumers’ behaviour. In this follow-up to our previous blog post, the APAC Client Insights group analysed the most current information (March 2020) and here are some updates on the shifting digital consumption patterns in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.
1.1. Increasing screen time

The coronavirus began to wreak havoc around the world in March2020 In Hong Kong, with an increasing day-to-day tally of verified cases, rigid border control and social distancing steps were implemented to include the neighborhood break out.

Hong Kongers were staying home and turning to their computer systems, smart devices, and tablets to inhabit their time. Total digital consumption continued to grow, with an 8%increase in gos to and a 10%increase in overall minutes spent online in March 2020.

1.2. Keeping abreast of the times

With COVID-19 sweeping across the globe, News/Information is still a location of focus, and visitation and engagement in terms of views and minutes spent are at record high levels.

The pandemic has actually rattled monetary markets, the reach of, and engagement with, Business/Finance News have actually surged in March2020 Sees were up 19%and total minutes increased by 40%compared to February 2020.

Guiding through the financial storm with information

With the unsettling monetary markets, Financial Provider drew in attention from consumers, with an 8%increase in distinct visitors and double-digit growth in both sees and total minutes invested.

Riding out the volatility storm, financiers were increasingly looking for financial suggestions and checking worths of investment or making trades, this is apparent in the dive in special visitors and time spent in Financial Services & Guidance and Investments sub-categories.

1.4. Hermitting in your home

Bracing for social distancing, more have actually relied on reading. Sees to Books had a constant upward climb, with 24?velopment in gos to in March 2020 compared to February 2020.

Visits to the Computer System Software classification were up 27%compared to February 2020, most likely to support the new stay-at-home activities– working, finding out and entertaining.

Getting away the doom and gloom, countryside and treking trails are busy with individuals during weekends. There were incremental check outs to Sports/Outdoor, looking for brand-new outside or sports devices.

2. Singapore

COVID-19 drives news traffic

Singapore’s online news consumption has even more reached an all-time high in March 2020, as the world continues to battle COVID-19 Double-digit development was seen month-on-month throughout Local, Technology and Business/Finance News material.


In an effort to minimise close contact amongst staff members, many companies have begun to adopt new plans of working to guarantee service continuity. The value of utilizing innovation to ensure a smooth flow of interaction was further highlighted, with traffic to Technology websites increasing 10%in March2020

2.3. Career continuity at threat

With the economy heading into the sharpest depression given that the 2008 Financial Crisis, task security is threatened across different sectors. Businesses had to resort to various cost-cutting techniques. Since of this, data has revealed a surge in visitors going to Job Browse and Training and Higher Advancement websites to seek opportunities and self-improvement in the midst of these unpredictable times.


Data revealed increases in engagement across Entertainment and Way Of Life classifications that reflected this behaviour: Entertainment and Games have actually increased by 12%and 17%, respectively, in March 2020 versus February 2020.

Remarkably, people were also looking at redecorating concepts for their homes during this period with Home/Architecture‘s views growing by 205%in March 2020 versus February2020

3. Malaysia

The COVID-19 pandemic was initially determined to have spread to Malaysia on 25 January2020 The reported infected cases stayed stable in the 20 s till there was a big spike in cases in March2020 This spike in March was due to localised clusters that emerged. The largest clusters resulted from mass gathering occasions. By the end of March, there were 2,766 COVID-19 cases.

Remaining notified about existing events and news

News/Information: There was an 80%rise in total views to news sites in March 2020 compared to November 2019 with the boost in COVID-19 cases in Malaysia and implementation of lockdown as people were looking for updated news about the pandemic.

Politics: With the modification in government and consultation of new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on 1 March 2020, there was a 197%surge in overall views to websites with political content in March 2020 compared to November 2019, as people were following the updates on how the brand-new federal government was taking shape.


With the statement of the 2nd economic stimulus plan to counter the effects of the extended Movement Control Order (MCO), there was an increase in number of special visitors to government sites to access advisories, standards and statements referring to taxation and reliefs. This classification had a 61%increase in unique visitors in March 2020 when compared to February 2020.

3.2. Expedition of online learning

Malaysian students have been on school holidays given that 14 March 2020 due to the extended MCO directives. Moms and dads, students and teachers looked for online resources to continue with their learning in your home. The total views on Education category increased by 53%in March 2020 compared to November 2019.

Household & Youth Education including sites that concentrate on education for parents, teachers and students, had actually overall views increased by 132%in March 2020 compared to November 2019.

3.3. Stimulated interest in health

As people were getting concerned about the spread of coronavirus worldwide, there was a 27%boost in sees by consumers to Health websites in March 2020 over February2020 They were seeking information about the virus and health advisories.

Health Info websites saw 25%increase in gos to in March 2020 over February 2020.

Boost in monetary services

As monetary markets varied with the spread of the pandemic, people are looking for details regarding financial services. The month on month percentage modification in time spent on Financial Solutions reveals an increasing pattern, increasing 8%in March 2020 compared to February 2020.

Investments: Financiers are anxiously looking for details relating to the efficiency of their shared funds & shares and monitoring their investments in these unpredictable times.

4. Vietnam

The COVID-19 pandemic was first determined to have spread to Vietnam on 23 January 2020.

4.1. Staying informed about present occasions & news

With the boost in COVID-19 cases in Vietnam, there was a 17%increase in total views to News/Information websites in March 2020 when compared to November 2019 as users were seeking upgraded news on the developments of the pandemic.

General News and Resident News saw 28%and 44%increases in total views in March 2020 as compared to November 2019, respectively.

Business/Finance News saw a 39%boost in overall views for March 2020 when compared to November 2019 as customers were increasingly seeking information on the effect of COVID-19 on services and stock market variations.

4.2. Transitioning to online knowing and online food purchases

Schools stayed closed to take on the spread of the infection.

Education: The average views per visitor in Education classification increased by 97%in March 2020 when compared to November 2019 and by 54%in March 2020 when compared to February2020

Food/Supermarket/Grocery gos to showed increasing trend as many were purchasing basics online and equipping them up throughout the pandemic. The typical views per visitor increased by 19%in March 2020 when compared to February 2020.

4.3. Interest in health and retail – healthcare

As individuals were getting interested in the dispersing of coronavirus internationally, health sites had 28%increase in overall views in March 2020 compared to November2019

Visitors were inquiring about the infection and health advisories.

Health Information: There was a41%boost in total views to Health Details sites in March 2020 compared to November 2019.

Retail – Healthcare: As the virus was spreading, people showed noticable interest in healthcare retail sites. The total views to Retail – Healthcare sites increased by 128%in March 2020 when compared to November 2019.

4.4. Increase in Financial Services

Vietnam was heavily impacted by the break out due to the fact that of the downturn of stock exchanges, resulting in increased interest in investors to access Financial Solutions sites. There was a boost in total views on Financial services by 6%in March 2020 compared to November 2019.

Investments: Financiers were anxiously seeking information regarding the performance of their mutual funds & shares and monitoring their investments in these uncertain times. This is seen by an 85%increase in total views on Investments sites in March 2020 when compared to November 2019.

Insurance: Individuals were getting concerned with the spread of the coronavirus globally and there was a 93%increase in overall views to Insurance websites in March 2020 when compared to November 2019.

5. Indonesia

5.1. COVID-19 drives news traffic

Indonesia’s first COVID-19 case was reported on 2 March2020 As Southeast Asia was slowly grappling with the incoming pandemic at that time, Indonesians relied on news outlets to keep themselves updated of the most recent advancements on COVID-19

News/Information saw an 8%month-on-month boost in distinct visitors in March 2020, and also the highest reported variety of unique visitors, 87 million, to date.

With the general public health being at the front and centre of the global crisis, similar exponential growth was seen in users visiting the Health category amongst Indonesians, with a 53%increase in special visitors in March 2020.

5.2. Seemingly, distinct visitors in the Household & Youth Education category increased by more than two-fold. The online knowing’s shift had actually resulted in a surge in Computer System Hardware visitors too.

Cease of all non-essential travel

Even prior to Indonesia’s first reported case in March 2020, the travel category worldwide and in the region had currently felt the remarkable effect of COVID-19 Indonesia’s Travel category was not spared from the decrease in unique visitors, especially for Online Travel Agents and Airlines

6. Australia

High engagement in news/information

With the break out of COVID-19 in Australia and the introduction of many preventive steps (e.g. border closure), there was a significant increase of user engagement (typical views and minutes per visitor were 121 views and 174 minutes per visitor) throughout the News/Information classification in March 2020.

General News increased 48%in total minutes and Business/Finance News increased 76%in total minutes.

6.2. Health Consciousness Trending Up

As the Australia Federal government adopted a series of health policies and measures to combat COVID-19, the number of visitors to federal government websites to get the current upgrade increased substantially in March2020 A 25%increase of overall sees was taped in March 2020 (as compared to February 2020) for the Government classification.

Health is another classification where a large boost in reach in March 2020 was observed. Comparing To February 2020 information, the audience reach increased by 14%to 60.9%.

Impact of travel restrictions

Even before the government’s travel ban for all Australians was revealed in March 2020, a sharp decline was observed from February 2020 onwards in users and engagement throughout all Travel related categories, including Airlines, Hotel/Resort & Home Sharing, Ground/Cruise, Travel– Info and Online Travel Agents Compared with February 2020, reach and overall minutes of Travel reduced 12%and 38%, respectively in March2020

There was likewise lower demand from users in Cars And Truck Transportation classification with a 27?cline in overall gos to in March 2020 due to people staying at house to keep safe.

6.4. Modifications in Australians’ purchasing practices

With the many social distancing measures in place, Australians had made preparations to make themselves comfy when staying indoors for a prolonged amount of time.

Food/Supermarket/Grocery classification had 2.7 million overall sees while Books caught a 16%boost in overall check outs in March2020 In addition, more individuals working from home accessed Computer Software & Computer Hardware websites, leading to a boost in reach of 25%and 15%, respectively, in March 2020, compared to February 2020.

On the other hand, non-essential goods and services tape-recorded reduction in website visits during March2020 Overall check outs for Tickets dropped 57%and Jewellery/Luxury Goods/Accessories fell 75%.

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