Expert system can resolve a few of the world’s biggest difficulties, if we manage the risks appropriately

Expert system can resolve a few of the world’s biggest difficulties, if we manage the risks appropriately

This blog post comes from Dr Catriona Wallace the Founder & Executive Director of Artificial Intelligence company Flamingo Ai, service provider of Device Learning based technologies.

Prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to expand thanks to recent world changes. It will be especially essential for ladies to understand AI as it will uniquely affect them both in service and personally.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be explained as the theory and development of computer system systems able to carry out tasks usually requiring human intelligence, such as visual understanding, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation in between languages.

AI is the fastest growing tech sector worldwide. US$38 B was invested in the last 12 months and this is due to grow 12- fold in the next 5 years.

The significant difficulties with AI come from the absence of regulation, legislation or standards to monitor its advancement and use. There are little to no laws governing this sector at the moment. There are threats of AI being biased in its decision making and possibly triggering harm. Examples of this include the Apple Card occurrence and the Amazon recruitment program

Predisposition in AI comes from two primary sources. One, less than 10 percent of coders in the AI sector are women, which means that there is the potential for mindful or unconscious bias to be constructed into the algorithms. The outcome is that the AI discovers that guys in tweed coats are teachers and that this is the predominant response.

In November 2019, Minister for Market, Science and Innovation, Karen Andrews, launched Australia’s very first AI & Ethics structure. In the framework are eight essential concepts. These include:

  1. Human, social and environmental wellness
  2. Human-centred values
  3. Fairness
  4. Personal privacy defense and security
  5. Dependability and safety
  6. Openness and explainability
  7. Contestability
  8. Responsibility

AI technology has to do with 5 years ahead of the legal system, for this reason in the interim we require to depend on structures and guidelines in addition to Ethical Leadership such as the structure developed under Minister Andrews.

AI has the potential to greatly improve the human condition. In particular, AI-will drive advancement in biotech, medical, environment and agriculture technologies among others– these modifications will be hugely useful to human beings. There is likewise great scope for AI to support people with disabilities.

At the same time there is a huge capacity for AI to be utilized to damage human beings, be it through mass manipulation of people throughout elections, powering damaging social networks, or the coming of self-governing weapons. This is why Elon Musk noted, “Inviting AI into the world is like summonsing the devil.” We, however, are very confident that AI will release people from the mundane to focus on activities or efforts that make us more human including imagination, a go back to fundamental science, enhanced relationships and health, a focus on art and the much better care of the environment. And on the back of the Summer 2019 bushfires that swept Australia,– we want to develop fire-fighting robotics as there ought to be no reason that a human must stand between their house and a 30 foot inferno. A robotic would enjoy to do this.

During April, I will launch a brand-new organisation, called Ethical AI Advisory, which is a consultancy established to help organisations develop ethical approaches to artificial intelligence. This will be my contribution to ensuring AI is done for great which women and minorities are not discriminated against, so that it is fair for all.


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