eBay is port scanning your system when you pack the website

eBay is port scanning your system when you pack the website

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I believe we require to eliminate the hyperbole initially prior to discussing the problem at hand. Off, Brave is not developing “thousands of connections”, this does make it seem like they are connecting to thousands of domains, while in reality, they are simply often striking a couple of domains. Secondly, since information plans are sent out each and every single time, this accumulates. You are only citing the collected quantity (state, 6 MB), making it look like Brave transmitted 6 MB in one single step, this is obviously also not the case. What you are seeing is the accumulated amount(!) of information bundles arising from hitting 2 (not thousands!) domains consistently. Also, you are recommending that information is being downloaded rather than uploaded to those servers, indicating that there is likely no privacy risk included.

With that out of the method, let’s discuss what those domains are for: In the case of min-api.

The api.infura.io is related to the IPFS Companion, the one which you can disable in the settings. Now, what is IPFS?


When it comes to api.infura.io, you can check out here that it is required for the Ethereum Wallet feature, which in turn requires IPFS:

https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/hands-on-get-started-with-infura-and-ipfs-on-ethereum-b63635142 af0/


So, what happened here? To be clear, Brave must not:

— Look for BAT exchange course if you are not opted into Brave Benefits.

— Develop connections that are needed for the Crypto Wallet to be fully operational, if you have actually disabled the Crypto Wallet.

That being said, those connections are NOT privacy risks. However, they still shouldn’t be established if you are clearly not using the related functions/ functionality of the browser. That is an unfortunate mistake or oversight on the part of the designers, an oversight which they have admitted to, which they have actually fixed currently in the beta variation of the next significant release (somehow you stop working to discuss that, I wonder why):


The Brave browser, just like any other internet browser, is established by human beings making mistakes, mistakes that develop bugs. Brave examining for the BAT exchange rate even when Rewards are turned off is a bug, Brave establishing connections needed for the Crypto Wallet to be functional, even when Crypto Wallet is handicapped, is a bug.

That being said, if you are worried about the browser developing demands of any kind, be they triggered by a bug or not, then I wonder why you are even using an internet browser that has the capability of developing such connections in the very first location? I imply, Brave is far from the only one (and might I say, not the worst one) to develop some sort of demand:

https://www.ghacks.net/2020/05/25/ ebay-is-port-scanning-your-system-when-you-load-the-webpage/ #comment-4463830

If that’s problematic for you, which I understand to a degree as long as it’s not absolutely unfounded and overlooking the descriptions and bugfixing activities of the developers, then might I suggest an internet browser like Ungoogled Chromium:


This one is well-known for establishing no unsolicited request whatsoever, you may discover peace with this one, if you certainly view any kind of request– be it brought on by a bug or not– as naturally troublesome.

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