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Updated Software: September 9th 2004: Full software has been re-structured. Looks the same on the exterior but a great deal of code has been changed. The software is more stable and protects against deleting ‘important’ files accidentally. We recommend all our users to uninstall the old software and install this new version at the earliest!

Updated Software: July 17th 2004: The complete Database structure is re-defined. We had received many e-mails that the older software detected many system files and a lot of our dear users had problems with their computers. Our team has immediately looked into this issue and fixed it.

Our latest version of the software includes a powerful and correct database with a complete list of just spywares and adwares. Our software will not remove any system files that are integral to every PC. You can be confident this is the one and only true product that removes all spyware/adware in your PC!