AI Social Distancing Tool Keeps People “Safe”

AI Social Distancing Tool Keeps People “Safe”

By Daisy Luther

Landing AI has produced a new tool to help keep individuals “safe” by spying on them with a video camera that measures whether or not they’re correctly participating in social distancing. Because who needs personal privacy when there’s a deadly virus around, right?

Landing AI’s blog site says:

To match our clients’ efforts and to help make sure social distancing procedure in their workplace, Landing AI has established an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can discover if people are keeping a safe distance from each other by analyzing real time video streams from the electronic camera.

For example, at a factory that produces protective devices, professionals could incorporate this software into their security cam systems to monitor the working environment with easy calibration steps.

As part of an ongoing effort to keep our clients and others safe, and comprehending that the only method through this is with global partnership, we wished to share the technical approach we utilized to develop this software. ( source)

View the quick video listed below.

Watching life go on through the eyes of an artificial intelligence device has a particular sense of dystopia. The technology highlights “individuals whose distance is below the minimum acceptable range in red, and draw a line in between to emphasize this.”

What will they do to implement it?

Landing AI does not point out that. Instead, they conclude cheerfully:

As medical professionals mention, up until a vaccine becomes available, social distancing is our finest tool to help reduce the coronavirus pandemic and as we open up the economy. Our goal with creating this tool and sharing it at such an early phase, is to help our clients and to motivate others to check out new ideas to keep us safe. ( source)

AI in the workplace

Landing AI is a business out of California that will work “carefully with you to empower your business to end up being an AI-driven company” and they intend to “affect the emerging AI generation.”

Some workplaces may be releasing AI technology in the age of social distancing.

One prospective usage promoted for the innovation is that it would make it possible for work environments to monitor their employees to make certain they are running within the encouraged distance of each other. It’s even able to issue signals to advise them to re-establish that range if they break the rules.

The system works by using a synthetic ‘neural network’ that detects people and draws a box around them. If two boxes come too near each other, they are highlighted in red.

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Maybe unsurprisingly, Amazon has actually already presented comparable innovation in its storage facilities, and has actually alerted employees they could be fired if they violate social distancing standards. ( source)

So, just in case your work environment isn’t already looking over your shoulder to an enough degree, your every relocation could quickly be digitally downloaded.

Your personal privacy is “safe” with Landing AI.

Oh, and there’s no need for privacy issues. Landing AI states that those releasing their system must just use it on individuals who have actually given their “notified consent.”

The increase of computer system vision has opened up crucial concerns about privacy and private rights; our present system does not recognize people, and we advise anyone using such a system to do so with transparency and only with notified approval. ( source)

Since we know that’ll happen when they pop this bad young boy into the already-existing security cams in cities across America. They’ll make sure to let us know they’re now likewise determining how close e get to our fellow people too and naturally they ‘d never utilize other tech to recognize “offenders.”

Do not worry. It’s simply to keep us “safe.”

At this point, the word “safe” needs to now be looked upon with suspicion any time it’s utilized in a sentence said by the government or anyone who contracts with the federal government.

We’ve now crossed the Rubicon between intelligent steps to reduce the spread of disease and authoritarian control. The demonstrations are growing daily.

At some time in the not-so-distant future, individuals are going to completely rebel and we’ll all be dealing with the fallout. Or potentially even worse, no one will rebel and this will become our everyday lives. We’ll be so “safe” that we’ll never ever experience true liberty again.

Will the overreach be here to remain?

In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, former mayor of Chicago, President Obama’s Chief of Personnel, and senior advisor to President Clinton, “You never desire a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s a chance to do things that you think you might not before.”

Our federal government, along with federal governments around the world, are taking those words to heart.

All you have to do is remember the Patriot Act and take a look at your “travel papers” if you’ve got them, to recognize the infringements on our flexibility happening now are very likely here to stick with only some small adjustments to make us seem like we’re “free” once again.

This is dividing our country.

All of this may sound like I support contaminated individuals being out there willy-nilly and socializing with everyone else.

However we’re being made to feel that you have to pick only one thing to fret about and to hell with the rest. We’re being pitted against one another which never ends well. And the longer the population is secured and kept from making a living, the higher stress are going to rise. Civil discontent is already happening and it’s inevitable that it will get worse

What do you think about yet another security device being utilized on us? Are you more worried with the virus, the economy, or the attacks on personal liberty? Or are you interested in all of the above? Share your thoughts in the comments listed below.

Source: The Organic Prepper

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