36 Million Unemployed: How AI Can Produce Jobs

36 Million Unemployed: How AI Can Produce Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the transformative innovation for this decade. With 36 million jobless in U.S. today, can AI also produce jobs? The World Economic Online Forum in 2020 anticipated a strong increase in AI tasks internationally over the next 2 years, with new jobs per 10,000 opportunities increasing from 78 today to 123 in2022

World Economic Forum published research study in Jan 2020, shows jobs in AI nearly double by 2022.

http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Jobs_of_Tomorrow_2020 pdf

AI began with machines being configured to provide particular responses for particular questions. Siri could pull the weather report upon request. Artificial intelligence is the new approach where the software is offered large volumes of data and the software will begin to recognize certain patterns. After seeing countless pictures of feline and non-cats, the software will be able to recognize a cat image or even create a cat image.

If devices can learn brand-new skills, the applications for AI are limitless.

There are many applications of AI that produce tasks. The apparent direct jobs are in AI technology development and research.


Glenn Gow, Partner at Clear Ventures and board member of several AI start-ups, sees opportunities for AI in financing. ” AI has enabled big pieces of the audit procedure to be automated, but it hasn’t reduced the number of people associated with the audit process. If done well, AI can help fund experts discover patterns in the data they would otherwise not see recognizing questionable deals, and due to it’s strength in predictive analytics, produce much better forecasting designs.”

This might create extra tasks for auditors who can evaluate more data quicker; then the auditors could focus on assisting the company improve procedures. This would suggest more high value-added expert auditor positions.

Human Rights

Betsy Beaumon, CEO of Benetech, an innovation nonprofit, notes they are using AI to support human rights efforts in Syria: “Human rights investigators have more proof at their fingertips than ever previously, and artificial intelligence supercharges what they are able to do with that information. Coming out of the dispute in Syria, we saw millions of videos uploaded to YouTube and social media that recorded the atrocities taking place.

This enables those in the justice system to act on human rights criminal offenses that would be unsolvable in the past. This is changing how human rights investigators work.


AI is utilized in PHIXED, a predictive analytics start-up with sensing units (such as Ph screening) set up at pharmaceutical operations. The co-founder, Lisa Illes, a biological systems engineering student at University of California Davis, was one of the finalist in the PLASMA Start-up Center competition. Illes noted” the main worth proposal of the innovation is focused on enhancing the quality of data from biomanufacturing process tracking systems. PHIXED might even assist in a paradigm shift, moving the market towards biomanufacturing 4.0 and produce additional data-analysis and optimization focused tasks.”

There would be more jobs in installing the brand-new systems and seeking advice from on how to improve procedures based upon the intelligence/analysis. Obviously, the crucial monetary benefit it the improved production procedure so more life-saving drugs could reach the customers quicker.

Machine Teachers

For artificial intelligence, a human teacher is required. A human would flag the millions of information points that are fed into the maker so the device can discover the patterns. The maker teacher would look at street traffic pictures used for autonomous driverless vehicles and differentiate photos of traffic lights versus Christmas lights. The machine would analyze the photos of traffic lights and recognize patterns and find out when the vehicle should pick up a traffic light. Evaluating and filtering the data to feed the maker requires countless employee-hours. These are generally well-paid positions in locations with low employment and low salaries. And with today’s high unemployment, this is excellent news.

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